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Rev. Raedorah C. Stewart (RevSisRaedorah) is a black lesbian womanist poet mother preacher clergy writer painter creator aging differently-abled spiritual being. Called to be a public theologian, Stewart creates rhetoric which integrates faith with justice and the arts. She is CEO of iWrite.Solutions LLC, a boutique writing firm in Washington, DC for politicians, preachers, and other rhetoricians; is the Faculty Director of the Writing Center at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC); and serves on the Ministerial Team at Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ (Washington, DC).

RevSisRaedorah serves the Body of Christ and All Creation as an itinerant preacher, community Bible Study teacher,  and scholar in the American Academy of Religion. She is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA); a Passing the Mantle scholar of the University of Southern California’s Department of Religion and Civic Engagement (Los Angeles, CA); served on the Board of Directors of ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives at the University of Southern California; and as Co-Chair of Queer Studies in Religion for WECSOR (the Western Region of the American Academy of Religion).

RevSisRaedorah's passions focus on homiletics, theopoetics, Womanist theology, and queer religious theory. With a voice for the wholeness of the human condition, her writing has appeared in Tikkun (a Jewish Magazine, an interfaith movement), as well as, in the International Journal of Black Theology. Her preaching ministry is profiled in “Weary Throats and New Songs:  Black Women Proclaiming God’s Word,” by Rev. Dr. Theresa Fry Brown; and in the article An Arresting Baptist in Women's Day Magazine. Her poetry prominently appears in “Deeper Shades of Purple:  Womanism in Religion and Society” (New York University Press); in “Sage Sisters Essential Lessons for African American Women in Ministry” and in “Inner Healing for Broken Vessels: A Domestic Violence Survival Guide” (Pilgrim Press); and in the Interdenominational Theological Center Journal, “Health, Wholeness and Spirituality of the Pastor.”  
Scholastic papers include the thoughtful and thought-provoking on domestic violence, A Sin and a Shame: Domestic Violence in Christian Homes; on preaching, Three Points and the Poem: Theopoetics and Non-Canonical Texts, Tones and Tools of Black Preaching; on black male incarceration, Criminal Christology:  God-Talk, God-Thought, and Christian Iconography and the Socio-Religious Identity of the Incarcerated Black Male Body; and on exclusion of full participation of LGBTQ believers in the church, Say Now ‘Shibboleth’: Queer Words at Work in Worship. Additionally, for the past twelve years her Greek and Hebrew exegetical work has been published in “Precepts for Living – More Light on the Text” by Urban Ministries, Inc.
RevSisRaedorah's predilections include: managing independent film festivals, reviewing television and film awardee submissions, ethnic and seafood food cuisine, purple in PMS 2563 to 2695 , and mothering writer/poet/interrogator Jay Dodd @jayydodd.

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