29 December 2015

Prayer to Shaddai : End of Year 2015

End of year emotions are increasingly complex. Shaddai, hear our prayers:

For those who mourn deaths of mothers, fathers, siblings, and friends-- dichotomize comfort with tears; heal untreated wounds; and reconcile relationships between the related. 

For those who mourn deaths of children, spouses, friends, and kin to police violence and racial profiling-- accelerate justice for the murderers; make the stakes higher as a deterrent to this abhorrent privilege. 

For those who celebrate new babies born in recent weeks or celebrating their first Christmas-- infuse the world with joy with their every smile, coo, and peaceful slumber. 

For those who end the year operating in the black-- may their gratitude be from fair gain and not from exploitation of the poor, dependent worker; allow their pleasure of their profit be in measure of their just wages and policies.

For those who end the year in debt, homeless, cash poor, overdrawn, and agonizing that their boot straps are frayed-- give them rest from their toiling, hope for how to work with your providence, and meet their needs, grant their wants, and give them abundance to share. 

For those who are ill in body, mind, or spirit-- show yourself as healer through trained healers who act as your hands, ears, hearts, and resources; show them to physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, specialists, midwives, nurses, home health aids, nutritionists, and other wellness professionals who see healing as divine calling. 

For those who are in a relationship quandary-- turn lovers' hearts back towards one another with a fresh desire for their one and only; have single men and single women open their eyes to the one who is perfect for them; sanctify marriages for your glory in family, business, ministry; and most of all, stave the hands of abusers of those who trust them as fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, lovers, and children. 

For those... [this prayer remains open for petitions, supplications, and intercession]

End of year emotions are increasingly complex. We find ourselves traversing from places of need to abundance, grief to joy, agitation to peace. Shaddai, Multi-breasted One, you calm our fretting and feed us grace.  You alone suit our case, whatever it may be, from fleeting moment to moment.  

Shaddai, hear our prayers. 


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