31 December 2015


From the Nguzo Saba, day six of Kwanzaa celebrates

to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, 
in order to leave our community more beautiful 
and beneficial than we inherited it.


Dogon symbol :
I am a Creative. That peculiar person who others treat like a square peg frustratingly impossible to fit into a round hole. We hear drums-- and appear to dance off beat. We see rainbows-- and name the colors between the arches in gradients and hues.  We delight in words-- written, spoken, sung, warbled, and cooed.  We know straight lines exist-- and in our heads they are drawn in microscopic patterns unseen by the others' eye. I am a Creative

Without the morphological tools to name and classify myself, I first became aware that I was a creative in the early years of elementary school.  I wanted flair in everything I did. I wore the extra barrettes in my hair. I wore bangle bracelets as far up my arm as I get away with. If purple was a clothing option I chose it. When called upon to read aloud, in the classroom or in church, I read in rehearsed animated voices. I wrote poetry and bound them in books made of cardboard and crayons. I conducted full liturgy for my dolls and occasional stuffed animal (I preferred dolls over stuffed animals.)

When the others were outside playing or inside watching television, I was creating. I showed a natural aptitude for creating with my words and with my hands.  To this day type over 100 wpm with few if any errors while composing. I write poetry, sermons, speeches, wedding toasts.  I design interactive websites. I design and sew clothes and home decorations.  I crochet the functional and the whimsical. I paint with acrylics and textured mediums.  I bead complete sets of jewelry.  Creating something is never far out of arms reach. 
“In art, the Trinity is expressed in the Creative Idea, the Creative Energy, and the Creative Power—the first imagining of the work, then the making incarnate of the work, and third the meaning of the work.” ― Dorothy L. SayersThe Mind of the Maker
I am a Creative. When I am creating, I am in my happy place. Then I am content and at peace. I am aware that what I create is often a gift to others who do not create the way I do.  Even when they don't understand my unconventional way of living and engaging with the world, they appreciate my artistry.  I believe, they genuinely appreciate me. 

I am a Creative. I am the Imago Dei of the One who in the beginning created. When I create, I am in worship. When my creation blesses the others, God is praised. 

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