30 December 2015

Kwanzaa Day 5: NIA / PURPOSE

From the Nguzo Saba, day five of Kwanzaa celebrates

to make our collective vocation the building and development of 
our community in order to restore our people to our original greatness.


If the question, "What is your purpose?" evokes  any measure of anxiety, you are in a good place.  The pursuit of purpose, for the purposeful, is a life long quest to do more than just occupy space on earth between life and death.  

In seasons of knowing our purpose we feel accomplished, clear, powerful, and influential. We feel we can move mountains and are usually successful in our attempts to do what we set out to do. Then, there are seasons when what we are doing seems not enough, off a bit, a tad inadequate.  Sort of like, wearing shoes where the heels have been worn down. And so we begin questioning our purpose; we begin pursuing our purpose; we get anxious when we can no longer rattle off our elevator speech response to the question, "What is your purpose?"

I suggest that only people living out our purpose are those who ebb and flow with seasons of purposefulness. We are they who began to feel the run down imbalance of working our purpose; until that day we realize we have out grown that model and means of shoe-- the way in which we found our purpose fulfilled. 
the Nefir :
beauty and good

Although we can refine our purpose on any given day, there is something about the last days of each year that affords us space to reflect and contemplate.  To reflect on how we came to foundationally understand our purpose; and to contemplate how fleshing out our purpose might look going forward. 

We might just need to resole our shoes.  We might also need to retire that pair, get measured for new ones which better accommodates our stride and gate that comes with experience, and walk into the next season of our purpose well-fitted and functional.  

Only people with purpose stay in pursuit of fleshing out our purpose.  May the soul of your purpose continue to be realized in all things that are beautiful and good.

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