29 December 2015


From the Nguzo Saba, day four of Kwanzaa celebrates

to build and maintain our own stores, shops and
other businesses and to profit from them together.


Entrepreneurship. Side hustle. Gig. Craft booth. Bake sale. Out of the trunk.  Gypsy taxi. Entrepreneurship.  Black people have an impressive history of  making ends meet; of monetizing our passions. 

the Nsibidi represents
This year, I upped my game from being an occassional freelance writer to incorporating my writing services business-- iWrite.Solutions LLC.  I invested the work to get the paper, banking, and branding to move me from an afterthought to sought out. 

I realize that it is not enough to support Black business, we need to create Black businesses! And, we need to do it by filing the necessary forms which legitimizes our viability and visibility.  The Small Business Association really is a wellspring of information and equipping for helping with the process and networking. 

By faith, we must "despise not small beginnings" of our own dreams, visions, and witty inventions.  We must commit to our own gifts and talents what we commit to making another's companies grow on our bent backs, minimum wages, classist protocols, and waning benefits.  

How will you plant your one person business aka entrepreneurial gig with paper on record with the IRS, Secretary of State, and Chambers of Commerce?

For iWrite.Solutions LLC I give God thanks and praise:
  • The circumstances which gave me the time to do this full time. 
  • The banker who heard my vision and became a client. 
  • The first time I got cash rewards for using my business credit card.
  • Online banking which has a live person who understands why holding payments for 21 days is not applicable to my business model. 
  • Compliments received on the wittiness of my logo, web site, and URL. 
  • Satisfied past clients. Present steady clients. And clients on the horizon. 
  • Vision for entrepreneurship; courage to submit the first form; opportunities to make my calling my vocation
In the near future, consider hiring iWrite.Solutions LLC as your writing partner for web design, speeches, academic articles and editing, blogs, listicles, and almost anything time you need to write the right solutions!  View client testimonials, hire me, and follow my grammer blog

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