26 December 2015

Kwanzaa Day 1 : UMOJA / UNITY

From the Nguzo Saba, day one of Kwanzaa celebrates
to strive for and to maintain unity
in the family, community, nation, and race.

Dagi knot

Today I celebrate the Black Lives Matter movement. Echoing sentiments of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, #BLM is the movement giving renewed strength for our journey to be regarded as human by racist oppressors and for us to be mindful of our complicity in devaluing our own Black lives. Through #BLM activism, America once again sees people of all races and nationalities sitting-in, dying-in, blocking-up, stopping-up, shouting-down, speaking-up, and fighting to live another day. 

#BLM cultivates unity, out of oppression; and sustains unity by celebrating the stamina of youth, influence of social media, and wisdom of the elders. Black Lives Matter is more than a slogan, it's truth. Truth which matter to every living being. Especially in America. 

My Christmas "it's the Christian thing to do" Greeting is a simple black and white card inscribed with this sentiment:
    I crochet way too many of these Black stars
    to shed light of the lives of Black people
    killed while in police custody.
  • Please hang this Black Star on your gaily colored Christmas decorations in remembrance of Black lives cut short by violence in America.  We hope in Christ, live for peace, and work for justice. Black Lives Matter. #blacklivesmatter #blm


  1. ORDER more Black Stars: EMAIL with quantity and mailing address; $15 per dozen. [black cotton yarn, keeps it shape year after year with a spritz of starch and steam iron]
  2. I will SEND a star at no charge to the family of persons killed in police custody. EMAIL  a mailing address. I will do this throughout 2016.
  3. DONATE (generously) to #BlackLivesMatter www.//blackstore.org/

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