16 July 2015

#whathappendedtoSandraBland while in custody of Waller County, TX Sheriff Department?

Let's get this straight -- I have a DSMIV, -V, and VI diagnosis of Major Recurring Depressive Disorder; and that accompanied by Social Phobia Anxiety; and that mitigated by pain meds for Lumbar Stenosis and head injury suffered in a ski accident in 2010. However, if over the past 55 years I have not committed suicide from the engaging with people who exploit this knowledge instead of respect my determination to live and thrive, know this -- If something happens to me while in police custody, please be confident about the following:

  • I most certainly did not resist arrest.
  • I did not curse at or assault an officer.
  • I did not run.
  • I did not have a weapon.
  • I requested a lawyer.
  • I requested a doctor.
  • I enjoy my life and would not kill myself.
  • I love the living Lord and can wait to see the sitting Jesus.
  • I love ancestor spirits and am in no hurry to view their glorified bodies.
  • I love you-- enough to fight another day with and for our black lives.

And most of all, I count on you to get the bastards that killed me; sign all the petitions, show up at all the marches, boycott whichever fools say my black body had it coming, and most of all be careful out there. To know me is to know I am doing the same for you!

In the meantime, In solidarity with my sisters, I post the above status. Please do not share this status. Feel free to post a similar status in solidarity.

Also, download this Cop Watch Video Recorder app on iTunes. If I am chosen for execution as soon as my phone is turned off or destroyed the video and sound uploads to YouTube. I will be using it to protect your life and legacy. Please be prepared to do it for me or another.


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