04 March 2015

9Lent2015 "Our, Father..."

As a fatherless child I ascribe to praying to God, Our Father.

With no thought to feminist rhetoric on gendering text, praying "Our Father..." always makes me smile.  God as Father fills me with notions of masculine presence, power, provision and protection. All lacking with silence from my birth father while he was in the home with us until I was 10 and his continued absence in voice and presence until he showed up on my doorstep at 21 was found in the comforting relationship of praying to God as Father.  

So, there are days and in matters that, I continue this on-going conversation with God, Our Father that happens only between me and God, Our Father.  Some things, only daddies can handle. Therefore I pray,

God, Our Father, show yourself gently and powerfully, clearly and convincingly, to women and girls who have a disappointing model of fatherhood that was demonstrated by our birth fathers. Make us less afraid to know you; less apprehensive to pray to you; less apt to ignore you. --Raedorah

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