04 March 2015

8Lent2015: "Forgive-- Like This"

...is A model for A method of praying.

I know, emphasizing the singular article in this opening statement might cause a myriad of reactions-- appalling to those who think this is the ONLY way and words to pray effectively; delightful to others who are poised for finger pointing to OTHER ways and words that prove equally effective; and located somewhere in the middle of these extremes, are those who are cynical, unsure, and learning about the efficacy, means, and matter of this prayer and praying overall.

What a wonderful quandry!  Lent, this season of wondering, is a wonderful time to wonder about prayer.  Won't you join me on this prayer experience...

Lord, like your disciples of old asked you then, we ask you now, "teach us to pray."  -- Raedorah

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