06 March 2015

13Lent2015 "A Kingdom of Kin"

I don't mind being contrary on this point, but the move to substitute the neologism "kin'dom" to replace "kingdom" in the Lord's Prayer is irksome.  The most consistent defense I have heard in annihilating use of the word kingdom has been because it evokes images of war; and that kin'dom evokes images of community. 

Adhering to basic morphological tenants, does it really?  Really, does it? I'd say not; and rather posit that kingdom being synonymous with sovereignty positions the word more accurately in the context of prayer.  
Prayer, an exercise of the spirit, calls forth God's kingdom-- God's spiritual sovereignty which encompasses the realms of heaven and earth and the expanse of the universe.  Kingdom, is comprehensive and inclusive.  Kin'dom, however, has twinges of Christianese and exclusivity-- as if all and every thing is not covered by God's sovereignty with an all-access pass to God's whole love. 

Yes, God, we pray for your kingdom to come-- your order as you imagined it; your body as you imaged us-- limitless and loving.  --Raedorah


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