06 March 2015

12Lent2015 "Holy is a Nickname"

Hallowed is Germanic and Old English for the English word "holy."  Ergo, we pray, "Our Divine Parent-- Father God, Mother God-- holy is your name.  And we can pray, "...'Holy' is your name." And we can pray, "...Your name is holy." And we can pray, "...Your name is 'Holy'." 

However we pray, holy is sacred, reverent, nickname of God.  Holy acknowledges awe for the Awesome.  Holy calls for help from the High Place.  Holy welcomes Majesty, Dominion, and Power into our mundane daily predicaments.  

So, let us sing, "Holy, Holy, Holy" as our prayer of worship.  And let us hum, "Holy is the Lord God Almighty" as our prayer of praise. And let us pray:

"Holy, you are sometimes too great for me to speak your name; too great for me to look at face-to-face; to great for any of the thousands of words I know; and so I just bow-- to Holy. Amen." 

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