06 March 2015

11Lent2015 "Heaven"

In the model of the Lord's Prayer, we pray to Creator located in Heaven.  In Heaven, for sure; but not in Heaven, only.

God, being all and in all, is it no short reach to imagine praying to God in Heaven and to God on earth.  God in the trees and leaves. God in pets and wildlife. God in good sex and music. God in chicken soup and soft middle oatmeal raisin cookies.

God, Creator exists certainly beyond our worldly definition and comprehension; yet, the relationship of which we are beckoned to have with God is not so far out of reach of hand or imagination.  Look for God, as we pray, closer than "out there" and closer to "right here."

Creator, of all things out of your imagination, nudge me to see more of you as snow melts and dew settles, as orange sunrises and as purple sunsets, and as my thirst quenched and back scratched.   

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