25 February 2015

7Lent2015 "Blessing on a Bungee Cord"

Giving God thanks and praise that even in my lack I had something to give... a bungee loop.
While walking the three blocks from my office to the subway that would take me home, the weight of issues before me broke me to tears I couldn't hold back. Staving a strong anxiety attack in public, I turned to the cleft in the wall of a building and just cried for almost an hour.  For some reason, not going underground felt safer; even in the frigid evening. Eventually, the cold evening and coolness of the building's marble caused the tears to slow and my breathing to get steady. 
As I descended to the subway platform I felt a fleeting moment of regret of loosing it-- in public and for almost an hour.  I was angry for delaying my commute to my home sanctuary, that is, until I boarded the train. In the car I boarded, this young white guy, Peter 24-yo, was moving his belongings from someone's couch to his own spot, by way of the subway. He was laden down with starched shirts on loose hangers and a pulling a couple of spinners. I asked him where he was moving to, a prayer-- veiled as an inquiry-- of hoping he was not homeless on a night of hypothermia warnings with snow forecast. He explained that he made one trip in Uber, but the $35 was too much for his wallet. I gave him all I had, including encouragement and a bungee loop to bind his loose hangers to make carrying them easier (for the very same reason I am seldom without this simple contraption  hooked to all of my luggage and totes like a talisman of sorts to help me carry extra packages along my way).

When Peter expressed his gratitude for everything, especially the bungee loop, I was overcome with abiding peace and clarity. I realized the sermon in stone (Moses got a word from God while in the cleft of a rock), that to everything there is a time and season (the hour I thought I lost was to put me in the subway at that appointed time), and that God will supply my specific needs in a very practical way (and as innovative as is the simplicity of a bungee loop).  
Lord, hear my prayer for Peter, Jay, and all the young people on the hustle to get sure footing in a shaky world.

Again, God turns my weeping into laughing and wailing into dancing.  Looking now to replace the bungee loop on my commuter tote for the morning.


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