24 February 2015

5Lent2015 "Bless this Meal"

Gathering around a meal is a touchstone of faith in a myriad of faith traditions. Those who gather,  in spirit and in abstentia,  focus on the intricacies and complexities of family-- who is family,  who is out of the family,  and the redefinition of The Modern Family. At this conversation with and about the African American family, we break now to share this common meal. May each of us, in your own way, take a moment for silent thanksgiving...

...To the Creator of Life and these elements, The Breath of Life from birth to death into eternity-- we give thanks for this frigid day, this filling meal, the faithful hands that harvested and prepared, and for the ones who serve us now.  May this food nourish our bodies, give us strength for our journey, and create for us the memory of this watershed moment when we learned how to die with dignity-- a gift to ourselves and to our family by getting the paperwork of passing done.

ASE.  And so it is.  AMEN.

[A prayer experience I shared with the #journeyhome @CompAndChoices
conversation with African Americans about end of life choices and estate planning.]

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