22 February 2015

4Lent2015 "A First Sunday Prayer"

Lord Jesus, Our God, Lent reminds us of Advent. The waiting seems easy now, but honestly, we are uneasy about our ability to stay faithful these next 35 days-- of waiting. When we are anxious about yielding to the temptations of that which we have avowed abstinence, remind us that Your delight is not in sacrifice, but is in love. When we remember the meatless fast on Fridays into our second bite of an angus burger, remind us that sabbath was made for us, not us for the Sabbath.  When commute, co-workers, and our common everydayness pass as a blur of demands and we miss days of Lenten mindfulness, remind us that You are there, always. May we wait for the Resurrection not following rules, but rather, following the love.  Following Love. Amen.

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