22 February 2015

3Lent2015 "Denying Self Slays Selfishness"

Lent is a good time for penance and self-denial.  Lent is a really good season of mindfulness to deny yourself the right of selfishness. Let me help you understand. 

If you are apt to criticize someone else and enjoy the haughty self satisfaction of saying to yourself, "I would never...", then Lent is for you. 

If you are given to road rage because "These [insert racist, sexist, ageist, classist, ableist, most ignorant innane and profane adjective you can utter] can't drive worth...", then Lent is for you. 

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If you never, but NEVER, have time or a dime to buy the begging woman a hot lunch or the ragged man a hot cup of coffee as you feign deafness to their humble plea, "Excuse me, but can you spare...", as you feed your $5 a morning caffinated addiction and hurries past them on your way to the upscale dining room where everybody knows your name,  then Lent is for you. 

If you-- and always and only you-- then Lent is for you. Penance is kindness. Self-denial is available daily. Make this Lent about somebody else.


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