20 February 2015

2Lent2015: "Seeping Eyes-- When Even Weeping is Too Much"

I cry easily.  A grace for which I have been tortured, mocked, ridiculed but never applauded, I cry easily.  And, my tears come in all ebbs and flows.  From the likes of dikes that fail to hold a Spring's torrents to the moistness like the underside of sod at the garden's edge.  I cry.

My personal tear dabbers ready for duty.
Tonight, and for this Lenten season, I sat in delight of my ability to cry and prayed for grace to appreciate this gift even more.  Almost from the moment I entered the prayer and praise service with Shirli Hughes and Ovation, my eyes started seeping.  Not chest heaving. Not salted tears stinging streaks down my cheeks. Not snot sniffling. Just seeping.

That way of crying joy-- I felt so right in the right place at the right time. That way of crying rest-- exhaustion lost its battle to keep me in and away from community.  That way of crying prayers-- that I already know the answers too, even the ones flesh did not reveal.  Seeping.

Just keeping the corners of my eyes wet.  Not dripping. No need to unfold one of the freshly starched and ironed hankerchiefs within reach from my purse. Just damp. Layer upon layer evaporating to make room for more dampness of worship.  Seeping.

That's my sacrifice of praise.  This will be the only explanation.  There will no longer be an apology.  May our seeping cries populate the heavenlies with glory due God's name and refresh our souls, again. This Lenten season and beyond.


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