02 January 2015

Women As Friends aka Orange is the New Black

Just because, and for no other reason, I began marathon watching the Netflix sensation "Orange is the New Black."  

For the following reasons, and I imagine increasingly more, I am hooked on OINB like a first grader on phonics:
  1. The black women friendships are pure honey from the honeycomb; a complex sweetness with healing properties. I want to develop deep, communal, tribal, vulnerable, sexual, playful, protective, labyrinthine relationships with black women who will come to my home to laugh loud, play board games, eat good food, drink concoctions, dance in the living room floor, share deepest secrets, conjure liberation, and have consensual sex.
  2. ALL of the women are gorgeous, gifted, perfectly cast and realistically complex. None of the characters are one dimensional. 
  3. Suzanne, Crazy Eyes, scares sanity into me. This crazy bitch is portrayed as brilliant and intuitive and simple.  
  4. Just call me Ms. Claudette. For everything she is, I want to grow into being Ms. Claudette (but adorned in purple instead of beige, gray and orange).
  5. LaVerne Cox is life; and fine; and pretty; and I wish she did not photograph as light-skinned as she does during PR runs; her color on the show is delicious.
  6. I want Poussey and Tastey to get out, stay out, marry and open a half-way house for female felons in transition.
  7. I get to hate Piper, the typification of every white girl who exists simply to exert white privilege within every system to which they have access. Fake prison, seminary, and the Red Line. 
  8. I also triply hate Piper for being engaged to her nimnut, marginal, boyfriend who's claim to fame is exploiting her confidential ranting about women, mostly black women, of whom she knows nothing about. They are both narcisstic a-holes who deserve one another.  
  9. Great character development. Who writes this???? We go together now! Where do I send your birthday gift?
  10. I am crocheting eyeglass neck chain in ombre purple like the one Red wears.

Most of all, I really do want black women girlfriends like these women portray; and without the beige and orange and grey wardrobes and concrete walls.

Three nights. Season One.

AND, I don't care if you judge me.

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  1. No judgement...I'm right there with you, for all the reasons you stated! Enjoy!!