16 January 2015

"SELMA, Spies, and Racist Shenanigans"

Naysayers to truth portend that SELMA fails as factual as a biography and lacks integrity as a documentary.  Perhaps the motion picture academy should create a new category-- Don't Be Scared, Be Changed category for films that changes lives. Considering the director  did not make a biopic or documentary, this argument should fall on the cutting room floor as irrelevant and redundant. 
However, as a scholar of matters religious and real life about us, out of the mouths of two (or three) witnesses truth is established. Therefore, on this weekend and extended holiday remembering the message and murder of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I encourage you to SELMAThen, watch this documentary, "The Spies of Mississippi" by another black and fierce woman directorThen, download, upload, and share the Appumentary. Appumentary... it's a new thing. Check it out! This, people, is TRUTH!

Dawn M. Porter, Documentarian

See SELMA, instead of shopping at MLK sales on new clutter and future landfill.
See SELMA, and, if you have already seen it, take someone else to see it. 
See SELMA, and, make sure a young person sees it.  Their tickets are FREE in a lot of cities thanks to African American businesses who have underwritten 270,000 tickets.

See SELMA. Tweet and hashtag #SelmaForStudents
Watch "The Spies of Mississippi".  Tweet and teach from the appumentary. 

Think for yourself. 
Talk amongst your skinfolk. 
Live more Beloved in community with all folk. 

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