04 January 2015

A Silent Moment

Calling for a moment of silence today in remembrance of Stuart Scott, the dapper, charming, ESPN newscaster, husband, daddy, relative, colleague, and friend. I expect that every sports news outlet and franchise will call such a moment over the next few days; and Stuart deserves it.

Actually, everyone who lives and dies deserves a moment of silence.  Our invitation to reprieve from the business of tending the dying, comforting the living, and pondering our own mortality.  A moment of silence, the selah, when we give permission to the stillness gift from God.

In this moment of silence for Stuart might we also pray for those who knew him personally and intimately. We will miss an entertainer of sorts; they will miss hugs and laughter, meals together and tucking in bed, celebrating anniversaries and making love.  May those closest to Stuart feel our collective communal grief of knowing loss.  May our moments of silent stillness disrupt grief and wash over them as God's comfort.

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