09 October 2014

Domestic Violence Month -- In Striking Distance No More

As the weekend approaches, abused partners often do not have respite from living in striking distance of their abusers.  For many, Friday after work until commuter time on Monday is a blur of walking on eggshells, barely breathing, and staying alive by any means necessary.  This often includes being blamed for saying or doing or not doing something that displeases their partner and thereby find themselves in striking distance and feeling the impact of being struck. With no respite. Until Monday morning. If they are lucky enough to work outside the home.

This post is to simply put on your mind that you can begin asserting your own survival.  You are strong enough indeed to take small steps to moving out of striking distance of your abuser's words, moods, and fists.  And, know that for some, this process will be set into motion as soon as you read this.  For others, this process will take however long it will take for you to see yourself safe, secure your children to stability, and simply conjure the courage to walk out of striking distance.

NOW is the best time to begin creating your safety plan
and getting familiar with the legal process.  

Contrary to what you might have been told, 
you have options and a way out of striking distance!

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