14 October 2014

Domestic Violence Month - Four Letter Word, Part 2

The universal word for present actions to cease is STOP!  Traffic lights. Traffic signs. Proctored exams. Medical instructions. STOP means to cease the present action; that, which if continued, would probably prove harmful or even fatal.  So, why is it that when you say STOP! to your partner who is abusing you, nothing happens?  It is as if they keep running the red lights of your boundaries!  
STOP! is an awful four letter word when used as a plea for your life, your sanity, your esteem or your children.  When was the first time you said, STOP!? When was the last time you said, STOP!? How many times have you said STOP!? or any form of a plea for your life in between the first time and the last time?  Abusers usually don't stop.  As a matter of fact, abusers tend to escalate in their abuse.  The incidences get more frequent. The pain leaves more bruises.  Fear becomes all pervasive.  You may feel depressed and cannot clearly state why.  And in way too many incidences when STOP! is not heard or heeded, the abused person is killed-- by the abuser who did not STOP!

You are worth so much more. 
Using the four letter word STOP should be instructions for learning a new line dance
 -- not for pleading for your life and freedom to be!

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