14 October 2014

Domestic Violence Month -- Four Letter Word. Part 1

…and, if you find yourself saying this dreadful four letter word as a reaction or plea to your partner, you are being abused.  For some this might seem logical and simple.  However, if you have found yourself trapped in the cycle of abuse, you may have become desensitized to the psychological impact of using words to prevent harm-- yet, no relief comes.  Instead you may be taunted and tormented all the more.  But, we hear you!

…is an offensive word.  Keep using it.  Use it louder if you have, too; if it's safe, too.  While we are doing everything we can this month to raise awareness to end Domestic Violence, we hope you reclaim the intent and impact of this four letter word.  

OUCH! means "stop hurting me."  
OUCH! means "I prefer you to stop harming me."  
OUCH! means "I do not give you permission to hurt me." 
OUCH! means "I am aware that what you are doing to me is wrong."  
OUCH! means "I must take steps to keep you from abusing me."

Believe in yourself and learn to live again without using this four letter word-- unless you accidentally stub your little toe on the corner of the dresser. 

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