31 January 2014

1 Way to Set the Atmosphere for Healing

On short notice, I underwent two invasive surgeries in the past 60 days -- encompassing all of the holidays! In this season of healing I am spending quite a bit of time contemplating what facilitated my healing journey and what debilitated my ability to journey to wholeness.  What I learned living through the first surgery informed how I would prepare for the second surgery, even before the first surgical site was healed and restored to full function. What I learned was this -- setting the atmosphere for healing makes a great difference in pain management, nutrition, and recovery. What I wanted most was to continue healing from the first surgery compounded by the second surgery trauma in peace.

One way to set the atmosphere for healing in your life, is to create an altar upon which that which brings you peace from those who give you peace are present to remind you that you are not alone in this healing journey.

Recovering from the first surgery was as if I was in a barren place devoid of peace, ever striving for pain relief and understanding the trauma to my body.  Sure, I had my intercessors, narcotics, and protein and fiber bars during the first surgery; still I desired to be more intentional to spiritually beautify this next leg of my healing journey.

During the first surgery, every time I opened my eyes or came into consciousness I was groping for foodstuff in wrappers, green medication bottles with childproof caps, and water bottles. Then, I would simply lay back, close my eyes and wince until twilight sleep and pain relief would come -- and repeat.  For the second surgery, I knew I needed to set the atmosphere by visualizing myself whole, peaceful and joyful. Visualization and visuals facilitate this for me.

I constructed an altar and invited twelve good friends to help me build it.  Peacefulness for me is represented in the butterfly.  Yes, metamorphosis, change is my symbol of peace!

Weekly, for the past month I have received butterfly cards (with delightful, humorous and metaphysical blessings written inside); butterfly bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry in Swarovski crystals, amethyst and diamonds set in silver, knotted cotton and cowrie shell, silver tree amulet, and cloisonne; tribal butterfly stickers that I mistook to be temporary tattoos (okayyyy); and a pair of butterfly ceramic candlesticks! Center of the altar is a lantern from a newly adopted village son in which I placed a flameless candle on a timer (it comes on at 7p and goes off at Midnight after I am asleep). Rounding out the altar is an exquisite cloisonne iris broach (sign of fertility and long life) and bolster pillow.  Awesome!

The altar is teeming with healing energy from some of my most favorite folk in the whole wide world! Now when I open my eyes and come into consciousness I intentionally gaze upon the altar directly above the foot of my bed.  Being mindful to linger and look at each item, I say a little prayer for each of you on this journey with me.  When I am drawn into grieving flesh removed that was mine for over 50 years, I think of the larvae lost, giving way to the beauty and blessing of the butterfly.  And, just before I fall asleep, the lavender glow from the lamp ushers me into the sweet daily rest that is the grace of God. Again, thank you all!

Peace:  What brings you peace?  Who brings you peace? Where do you find peace? Bring those items, people, and places into the room in which you will find yourself spending the most time while recovering, resting, and journeying to restoration.

"This is my comfort in my affliction,
that Your promise gives me life." 
Psalm 119:50

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