01 January 2012

Poetry: Face-off

Face-off  / 01 january 12
by Raedorah ©2012 

23:59:00 12/31/11
the hour hand straining its counter clockwise approach to midnight
the minute hand loitering in the eaves of the new year
the second hand tick echoing the inevitable
longing for the hour to pass into tomorrow
wanting the last minute to pass into yesterday
hoping the next seconds would not tarry much longer
the alloted 525,600 minutes of this year spun out of control
in recent weeks when making memories were hijacked by
who shared the days and who spent the most
who baked which pies and who ate too much
who lived, and died, and was born
today the tree was dismantled and ornaments stored
yesterday the mail was collected and sorted
the day before folk were still dropping in “happy...”
the hour hand, lead heavy lethargic
the minute hand, deceptively malaised
the second hand, deafening bravado against the blood rushing in my ears
I know I stopped breathing but I cant seem to inhale
I feel I am sweating but I cant seem to dam the glands
I see the hands align but I didnt see them assume the position
Happy New Year
12:00:00 01/01/12

the hour hand lazed its way into the new year
the minute hand sauntered its way around the face
the second hand kept metronome time
unhurried and steady
telling me to turn away
and walk through this year
unhurried and steady
one second at a time
one minute at a time
one hour at a time
until we meet again
this time next year.


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