18 December 2011

Advent Angel

I have angels perched about my home -- even when it is not Advent.  The coal black metal one from South America stands guard at the hearth screen, hands extended holding the place for a candle.  The abalone shell one with gold filigree wings, halo and robe embellishments from the Phillippines finds her way into my sitting spaces, keeping watch over my prayers for peace.  I have families of angels, often coming to me in triplets, who rotate through my home and office decorations through the years.  But, at Advent, I become more intimately aware of their presence in the supernatural.  I strain to hear their coming, I long to see their appearing, I am on edge ever looking up, around and over my shoulder for an Angel’s appearing.  There just seems to be so many more visiting the Earth in this season!  

Luke 1:28 And the angel (Gabriel) came in unto her, and said,
    Hail, thou that art highly favoured,
    the Lord is with thee:
    blessed art thou among women.

Seeing angelic figurines in my daily and admiring the majestic angel forms in worship spaces (and some public, not intended to be holy spaces also, like the mall) remind me that God’s message to Mary is mine!  Whether unexpected visitation or purposeful listening, Angels around reassures me in my lowliness that I am favored and blessed; that I am fine how I am and perfect for the divine to enter in; that a regular old me is God-worthy and righteous; that I am hand-made and hand-picked to bear Good News and Glad Tidings!

This Sunday is celebrated by lighting the Angel’s candle in the Advent wreath.  Listen... hear with me, the Angels’ wings!  Christ comes... and will come again!

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