27 November 2011

Advent Candle 1 : Hope

At sundown today, I lit the first candle I will light during Advent. A ritual usually done calling no attention to the holy occasion or personal reason, I am inwardly excited about my love for this season -- second only to Lent (of which I will then say -- second only to Advent).  

Important to me is to set candlelight in purple hurricanes and votives, atop purple candlesticks and bejeweled plates, and throughout the house.  Each ritual lighting is renewal of my hope that is in Jesus (the Christ).  
  • I hope for PEACE on Earth: praying it begins within me and is contagious to my closet kin, my son, to the stranger with possibility of becoming a friend.
  • I hope for JOY to the World:  those moments where chaos pauses, amazed at a newborn baby’s cry or dirty-faced toddlers “hi.”
  • I hope for LOVEfor humankind (and our service animals and companions):  the kind of love that is radically inclusive, creatively accommodating, and courageously active!
There is just about an hour’s burn-life in this first candle. Still, I remain giddy with expectation for the morrow, for the next four weeks, of waiting, hoping, longing for the Hope that is in Jesus (the Christ) to be born anew while we wait His coming again.

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