01 June 2011

1 June 2011 : Queer History Making

June 1, 2011. On this historical day in the lives of LGBT (aka Queer) families, I am encouraged by our collective resiliency to validate our personhood through civil privilege and freedom of speech.

Today is also the 6th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day hosted by a grassroots organization:   http://www.suntimes.com/5712829-417/gay-couples-line-up-for-licenses-as-illinois-civil-union-law-takes-effect.html

Lakeesha Harris and Jeanean Watkins, the first to get Civil Union Marriage Licenses
at the Cook County Clerk's office in the Daley Center
With the civil unions law comes cause for celebration in halls of justice where queer persons have endured being ostracized and vilified. None of that matters today. Well, at least it matters less as we yelp with glee, pump fists victoriously, and stand in line without complaint to be next to enter into public record the lives and love we have long ago celebrated, consummated and reconstructed the notion of family that appeals most to our sensibilities. It matters less as queer mothers blog about motherhood, as queer fathers blog about fatherhood, as queer co-parents blog about blending, as queer extended families praise, picket and protest by pen (aka keystrokes) an ideology of self and family that was not well-serving or deserving.

I am not at all suggesting that there is a homogeneous response to either cause of celebration on this day. Even my partner and I do not agree on the fine print and fray of civil unions, traditional marriage, marriages of queer persons, domestic partnerships, sacred blessings, or the multifarious politically charged naming of what happens when love sets roots deep and raises branches high. This isnt a piece about activism or evoking agreement. This writ is to simply say, I rejoice with those who rejoice as I have wept for myself and others denied the inalienable rights of being. Moreover, this is afterall, my blog, my thoughts, my immense delight with, about and for those who longed for this witness and who live our lives.

To the Illinois couples, I celebrate your love and life! If you want to experience the joy of a faith community heralding joy over you, The Broadway United Methodist Church [http://www.broadwaychurchchicago.org/content/] in Chicago's Boystown is hosting aCelebratory/Reception Service for Civil Unions on Wednesday, June 8th, at 6 p.m. [BTW, this is not my congregation nor denomination. However, there gathers the most authentic welcoming community of faith I have found since relocating to Chicagoland three months ago. They are highly committed to putting their ministry where the love is!] Consider yourself officially invited! If you have been thinking about coming back to church, come back to Broadway – you are welcome there.

To queer parents and our allies, we always knew we could do it – that is, parent well – because we have always done it, well! I love and adore being a natural birthed mother, play mother, God mother, church mother, other mother, and as my son affectionately calls me, mother to the world. While mothering, I am not a lesbian mother, I am a mother. While mothering, I did not wipe tears, cook macaroni and cheese, buy school clothes, serve on the PTA, go to endless school programs, or read bed-time stories with a lesbian accent, I am a mother. While mothering versus some lesbian anathema, I love my son and village children to the best of my spiritual, intellectual, financial, social and soul being. And, I absolutely enjoy being a mother.

Being my mother's daughter makes me enjoy mothering all the more. My mother is straight, I am not; but mothering after her heart instructed and inspired me to be the mother I am. As for the extra spice that being lesbian inherently adds to life, I learned from knowing myself, loving myself, and passing it on to my son and village children. My story is one. There are so many more. Again, The Broadway United Methodist Church [http://www.broadwaychurchchicago.org/content/]  is hosting a really cool celebration of queer families in their Friday Night Film Series. On June 24th at 6 p.m., they are screening the acclaimed The Kids Are All Right with Holiday Heart as a double feature! One more thing – about this lesbians make great mothers pontification – my best lover and current partner (admittedly they are one in the same) is a mother. Seems to me that her most excellent attention to raising her children into accomplished, well-adjusted adults makes her wise and kind, sensitive and strong, generous and frugal. Yeah, in a most narcissistic foray into being, I am in love with my cosmic twin. [Ooooo, I feel a different blog coming on about that line.]

As for the lines which formed at County Clerks' offices all over Illinois today, I was not in line. Perhaps I will be by the next Blue Moon. In the meantime, congratulations to the 150 queer couples who went on record today, celebration of all of us!


One of my favorite pix of Son and Me!
High School event @2010

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