15 May 2011

When In Love with a Diva Geek...

... a most appropriate First Anniversary gift is a Kindle 3G + WiFi. No sissy flowers or chocolates or spa day for me! Electronics rule in the romance area.

Since getting my new favorite toy of the intellectual, I have downloaded:
...the most recent book in which my poetry is featured -- Deeper Shades of Purple: Womanism in Religion and Society;
...three versions of the Holy Bible; one with Apocrypha;
...162 original poems; indexed by 8 thematic Collections;
...six sermons, just to practice preaching from this device;
...four books on preaching and theology;
...one magazine, Reader's Digest;
...one game, Every Word.

However, if downloading my poetry collection onto the Kindle was the penultimate thrill, then jailbreaking my root and hacking my screensavers is the ultimate inner geek in lipgloss feat of the week! Oh yeah baby! I replace the cadre of dead white men with a collection of tribal butterflies, paintings of black women, and a headshot of me one day when I was happy, happy, happy, happy -- kinda like I am now. My next autodidact feats include:  publishing my poetry at Amazon eBooks and mastering notes.

And, since no respected Kindle runs around naked, I adorned mine in a purple hard case to match the one on my netbook. The coolest thing about this one is the kickstand that folds flat onto the back. Ideal when reading and eating -- my favorite bad habit.

Ahhhh. Loving my 21st Century version of the traditional "paper" gift. Gonna change my name from Diva Geek to Sexy Nerd and go show my gratitude for a marvelous first year and hope that inspires many more!

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