18 April 2011

My Droid Desktop

So, what had happened was... read previous two articles for details...

Now, having spent a get-acquainted evening with my LG Vortex powered by Verizon, I decided to begin delving into the world of 10K Droid Apps. Ever given to efficiency, organization and functionality, the first thing I did was set up seven desktop screens, instead of the standard five. Like any good organization task, have more storage bins available than you may need in case you need them all after all. N-E-wayyyy...

Droid Apps for my Desktop -- at least for now:

Screen 1:
Scripture of the Day - Widget:
These are like post-it notes without the clutter. Great for scripture memory and daily inspiration. (Side Bar, I learned the difference between a shortcut and a widget. More on this later.)

There is still space on this page for other warm fuzzies should I choose to add them. Remember functionality, not clutter.

Screen 2:
Left Blank intentionally. For the days I need a tickler file or some other innovative collection of widgets and apps.

Screen 3:
BING search bar. Familiar function.
Carr Matey. Never forget where I parked again.
GasBuddy. Glad to know my fav gas station is also the cheapest for 20 mi around.
Compass. New city with curved streets, invaluable.
VZ Navigator. Old fav, dont fix if not broke.
Shopping Cart. No more leaving grocery list on refrig. Can even SMS to partner and her reply is updated on checklist!
Tip-Calculator: No pen calcs, check division, and just shake to clear!
Bing Maps: Factory installed. Will replace with Google Maps if not as cool.
Around Me: Replaces POYNT on BB.

KeyRing - Widget: Now this one is the star of this page! OMGeekiness!!! Phone cam scans bar code of grocery stores, club stores, library cards and voila! No more forgetting number, fumbling with plethora of keyring mini cards, or foraging through black hole handbag for right member card. Widget allows you to scroll to right card, one touch confirm and one touch show of bar code with number! Yeah!

Screen 4:
: No smart right key like on BB so this is handy.
Calendar: I sync with Google. Simple and so there.
MyDocs: Full access to Google Docs, one touch, looks just like laptop desktop. Until, and unless I get a Kindle for poety reading in public spaces, I will use this! Yeah!

TouchBible: OMGeekiness! Just when I thought YouBible was the bomb, Touch Bible shows up and blows it out of the water! So much more efficient with touchscreen and rolling menu to locate translation, book, chapter and verse! Love it! Just thought to move it to Screen 1 with Daily Scripture. (BTW, moving is just a firm finger touch and angle your phone in the direction you want to move the app. How cool is that? Very cool I say!)
CamScanner: Take snapshot of document which becomes PDF. Looking into adding an OCR capable widget here soon also.
Clock: Multiple alarms! Multiple alarms! Multiple alarms! Need I say more?
ColorNote: Sticky notes that dont loose their stickyness.
GRE Vocabulary: So, now you know...
Calculator: For the morphologist with mathematical deficiencies.
Words with Friends: Finally! I can play Scrabble-esque games with kin, friends and strangers while on the go, or rather, while waiting in line.
Yahtzee: Will not live long in my space here. As soon as I find Spider Solitare for Droid this puppy is gone!
TVGuide: Still getting used to local channels and locating favorite shows. This is one touch to what is showing, in my area... or anywhere I want to search.

Screen 5:
Text Message - Widget
: Gonna dissappear soon. No longer needs it since I have the faces of the few folk I text the most smiling up at me as a widget! see more below...
Email: Gonna remove soon as I finish this blog I think. Top bar of phone is drop down menu for messages.
OneTouch Text: I see their faces, touch and text!
Facebook: Looks great here and loads fast.

Swift: OMGeekiness! So much better than TwitDroyd and BB Twitter. Choose this when I couldn't find Ubersocial Droid app.
Voice Dialer: I like voice dialing. Have not used it. Not feeling that it will have long shelf life.
VLingo: Cant wait to use it to speak instead of type or SWYPE. Will play with this one all week long.

Screen 6:
Weather Channel - Widget
: Cute as a button weather girl that changing with the equinox.
ICE: In Case of Emergency. Accessible like 911.
AppKiller - Widget: One touch optimization.
Market: Seachable database for droid apps. Hasnt failed me yet!

BIC Concert Lighter: Hey, I’m a 60s boomer baby. If I have to say more, you are not.
ColorFlashlight: Customizable flashlight, strobe like, disco light. Okay, so these last two have been all about fun...
Battery - Widget: Nice to have at a glance percentage of battery available.

Screen 7:
OneTouch Speed Dial
: Visual directory of my most loved and called kin and friends. See their faces, touch and talk!

BlueTooth - Widget: OMGeekiness! The most ease of connecting with Acura Handsfree Link ever!

And, there you have it. A peek into my love affair with my new toy. Oh stop it...

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