18 April 2011

Droidisms and Diva Geek Dander

Yup, I just defected from over a decade of BlackBerry to join the Droids. Ahem, that is Droids, not Druids (just in case my seminary folk got the two mixed up). I will get to my 10 Best Apps List in the next article, but for now I want to herald a few tips for newbies. Who better to have tips for newbies than newbies!
Step away from the Droid Apps inventories on the phone under Market or on the Internet when you should be sleeping instead of playing with your Droid. (Mine is an LG Vortex in black, like me, draped in purple roses, often like me).
Get used to the weight and height of the phone. I found it to be heavier than the BB and a smidgen taller and thinner. However, not to be dismayed, it fits perfecting in my perfectly OPI Gel nails manicured palm.
Get used to the touch screen if you have never had one before. Figure out where to touch, what happens when you touch, and what marvelous things happen when you linger with your touch. I know, this sounds rather sexy and you know, technological sexiness is a reality to Diva Geeks everywhere!

Play with SWYPE. OMGeekiness!!! No need to squint and worry about voluptuous finger tips on sensitive touch screen keyboard. Just trace your finger over the letters and voila! your word or a drop down menu of possible words appear. How wicked cool is that! Play with SWYPE, read the tutorial to figure out how to capitalize, punctuate, correct, and add to dictionary with a touch and swipe! or SWYPE!
Set up your desktop with five or seven panels! Talk about functionality and organization. I went for the seven panels and will talk you through contents on each panel... in the next artcle.

For now, get out your Droid and play!!!

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