18 April 2011

Defection to the Droid

I am a high productivity Diva Geek. My vast connectivity and proclivity for knowing technological programming and Beta testing end usability is a skill set I keep close to bosom. Autodidact with periodic insomnia learned HTML before market was deluged with website templates and cascading style-sheets. However, I dont collect random, useless technological gadgets or knowledge. Functionality, like wearing only Birkenstocks or stilettos, is important to me.

When effecting more than a bit of change for this season of life, changing my phone number made its way to the top of my to-do and must-get-done lists. When I contacted Verizon, I learned that as a premier customer (read, pays three figure bill a month, on time, with no suspended services) I was eligible for not only a free smartphone upgrade, but also a decrease in unlimited data plan, free car charger, and free screen guards. Yeah. But, I digress.

Having had the same phone number for over 13 years (and only the second cell phone number in 16 years) I was equally excited and anxious about changing my phone number. To fully embrace the swift transitions I am experiencing, I also decided to upgrade my phone. Having been a BlackBerry user for eight of the recent years, I ventured to check out the Droid platform. What a delightful young customer service rep who answered all of my questions, about every phone appearing on the free-to-me category. Hey, I am making changes -- nothing says that I shouldn't question every step of the way!

I chose the LG (lovessss every LG product I have ever owned) Vortex. Yeah! Wanted it in Violet, but so did a whole lotta other fashionistas (no worries, the purple and black rose hardcase cover I ordered adorns phone as if draped in a silk-burned embossed stole). My first touch screen. My first non-BlackBerry in over a decade. My very first Droid! Loving it! Why? Oh, you ask such very good questions...

1. It is candy bar vs. flip or slide. One handed handling is very important to me.
2. Display screen is a third larger than BB; and it rotates!
3. Droid Apps! Droid Apps! Droid Apps!

OMGeekiness, even with my lip gloss popping, I am thrilled beyond goose bumps over the apps for functionality, apps for fun, and the apps for free! It’s been a while since I have had a geek-gasm but yeah, am having one, even now. You are going to have to read my next articles to see which apps have captured my heart and hand!

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