09 March 2011

Why Lent -- the Verb?

Why Lent, the verb?

I suggest it is to give space in our lives to God in our mundane and routine. That is why it is good to give up ordinary stuff (and stuffings) and replace with actions and attitudes which nurture our God consciousness (ala Acts 17:28).

I am Lenting by:
a. giving up meat and consuming with prayerful intention largely plant based food.
b. giving up daytime television (court shows on every channel will not see TIVO or Hulu) and am completing two book projects and three business/grant proposals.
c. giving up sleep deprivation and creating the discipline of sleeping eight rest filled hours a night.

I am seeking to:
a. strengthen this body which is the temple of Holy Spirit.
b. sharpen my gifts to prepare for room being made for me.
c. embrace solace and security prevalent in my shared home and life.

Each of these things are gifts of God's grace to me. I pray for you like I pray for me, may this season be welcomed in your heart, hearth and hand with joy and expectation of Christ's Resurrection anew and again in our lives.

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