08 January 2011

Hate Hurts and Kills

This is my reply to Diana Butler Bass' blog  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords: Speaking for the Soul in which she calls pulpiteers this Sunday morning, on the occasion of the Baptism of Our Lord, to resist being silent on the persuasiveness of evil political rhetoric prevalent in American culture. 

  • Diana, you are so on point with this clarion call to comfort and clarification. Even if there is none to be found in this moment of great angst and shame. Tomorrow's sermon will not be business as usual. While sitting here refining the sermon "Oh, Grow Up!" on 2 Peter 1:5-8, flowery, inspirational illustrations have given way to this painfully poignant reality where soul-tending demands acknowledgment. And so I will. Even at the risk of not being invited back to preach again to this Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation that is, at cursory glance and soul stance, the antithesis of Giffords' advocacy for the oppressed and advocate for justice. In the meantime, I weep and pray; and am taking others along with me.
Most disturbing to my human sensibilities is this graphic from Sarah Palin's site until it was removed after today's shootings. (Note to Sarah: It's not going to go away.). But now, honestly, if a Muslim person was in possession of such a blatant graphic of targets in crosshairs they would be investigated, interrogated and detained as a TERRORIST. But nooooo, a 'pretty' white woman with pithy proclamations is called the possible future president of america. Psst AMERICA, home grown terrorists are the real enemy to peace, family and the American way.

My prayer even now is this, Speak Holy Spirit, your servant hears.

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