01 December 2010

What if.. We Just Gave Thanks!

Oh magnify the Lord with me; let us exhalt God’s name together! (Psalm 34:3)
גַּדְּלוּ לַיהוָה אִתִּי וּנְרֹומְמָה שְׁמֹו יַחְדָּו׃

A FaceBook Friend posted this challenge:  For the next 40 days, join me in giving God thanks. And so today I begin participating in this spiritual discipline.
Giving God thanks and praise that tonight I am fully present. Here in the basement, on the sectional in complementary repose across from my good friend, best lover, favorite dinner date, and life partner in process.  Like an couple with a history of decades, we began just last month when I arrived across country to commence on our history of decades, one day at a time.

  • Today I give God thanks that she is healing well from elective foot surgery.
  • Today I give God thanks that she says and does longings of my heart without provocation.
  • Today I give God thanks that she laughs with me, every day, over something really silly.

Today, I give God thanks that tonight looks nothing like this time last year; nothing like this time the past decade.  


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