01 December 2010

Tis the Season to Go Broke or Be a Blessing

On Black Friday I slept in with my partner-in-process as she recovered from elective foot surgery the day before Thanksgiving.  We were utterly exhausted this day after a lovely  Thanksgiving dinner with friends who cleared the table, stored leftovers, and washed dishes. Talk about giving thanks!

On Small Business Saturday I made inventory of who would receive my furniture and art for Christmas and Kwanzaa gifts as I relocate across the country from ten months of summer to six months of wintry weather. I will not sell any thing and only hope those Spirit spoke to me to be recipients find the items useful and beautiful.

On Cyber Monday I staved the desire to shop online to chat up the Salvation Army bell ringer in front of Walgreens.  I hope he was encouraged by my smile and pausing to acknowledged his humanity while serving an organization which is most likely helping him regain a measure of human dignity.  Because I travel cashless I did not have a dollar or dime to drop in the red bucket.  However, he was delighted, as was I, when I told him that the Salvation Army accepts Donations by Text! That's right! To make a $5 donation to the Salvation Army, text the BELL to 85944; or to make a $10 donation text GIVE to the same number.

I've yet to purchase a single holiday inspired item this year.  My wrap and ship gift list is very short: the partner-in-process and our children.  This is my way of showing them my pride and gratitude that we are people who are a blessing to others all year long; and that there is no need for us to go broke this season frivolously. Whether extending hospitality to friends or sharing a smile with strangers, being a blessing never ends up in the red or marked down on the clearance rack. 

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