08 December 2010

Thank You God -- I am Losing Track

When I commenced this 40-day Giving God thanks meme, I thought it would be a breeze to check in and give God a shout out every day.  On the contrary, I am finding this spiritual discipline to be quite a contemplative exercise. I find myself talking over with God which praise report to post! When I think of God's goodness!!!

When I think of God's goodness I fall all over my thoughts wondering which gets written so all who run by can read it.  When I think of God's favor I "rear back and hollah" like sanctified women used to do in the stodgy Baptist church of my youth. When I think of God's grace I grin and of God's mercy I weep.

I have lost track of which day this is to be in this exercise. However, I do know God has not lost track of God's greatness in my life and manifested in the lives of those I know and love. For that I am most grateful to our most gracious God!

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