12 December 2010

Thank God for Mama

I know this title sounds like a good old Southern made up church song, but I mean it! I really mean it. I thank God for Autrey Jean, Bert and Duda's baby girl. Her husband's wives, her siblings' sister, her relatives' "Aunt Sister" and our Mama. My Mama.

I thank her for doing her best, even when we thought it was her worst. I thank God for her loving God, reading God's word every day, fussing at us with God in mind. I thank God for her good cooking, clean housekeeping, open house, hospitality to kinfolk and skin-folk. I thank God that she is living, getting old, showing her sweeter, and still being funny.

I decorated the house and decked the halls for the Holy-Days. Thank you Mama.
I folded cloth napkins and set the table for casual and formal dining. Thank you Mama.
I found every 24 hour pharmacy within a 10 mile radius for someone else. Thank you Mama.
I smile at babies and hold doors for old ladies. Thank you Mama.
I still say, at 50, Yes Ma'am and No Sir, to gray hair and bent bodies. Thank you Mama.

My son imitates the grace and love you taught me. Thank you Mama.

I thank God and Mama most for praying for her children -- daily.  I love it most when she tells me that she prays for us. I love her a lot when she calls to tell me that she is worried about me relocating from sunny Southern California to the Windy (and unexpectedly snowy) City.  I thank God that I have to sense to give thanks for Mama's prayers.

Thank you God, for my Mama.

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  1. Sweet! I always love your writing. Perfect accompaniment to When Mama Was God.