12 December 2010

Laughing, Giving Thanks in the Guffaw

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person's strength."

When I discovered my predisposition to depression was not an evil disposition but an organic disability, I took seriously to relying on humor to heal.  And here it is in the Word of God, my favorite source of inspiration, that laughing is complimentary beneficial to my wholeness as is psychotherapy and psychotropics. As both medicinal therapy ends and talk therapy becomes less intensive, when I begin to feel the unspecified listlessness that precedes a depressive episode, I find funny to refocus. 

And, I laugh! I laugh out loud, not just LOL. I laugh long, as opposed to my former aptitude to merely titter. I laugh til I cry, a visceral release of joy. I laugh at myself, at others, at the whimsy of a laughing God.  

Today I thank God for healing humor. Laughing often and much matters. Oh what a gift of grace and mercy.

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