19 October 2010

Wear Purple Wednesday : To Remember, To Prevent, Lest We Forget

Beloved Womanists* and Community, as a simple gesture of momentous mindfulness, please WEAR PURPLE TOMORROW (10/20/2010) "To Remember, To Prevent, Lest We Forget":

Aiyisha Asilee Lindiwe Hassan, 19
T-SHIRTpurple.jpg tshirt purple image by mictsui196

Justin Aaberg,  15
Billy Lucas, 15
Asher Brown, 13
Seth Walsh, 13
Raymond Chase, 19
Tyler Clementi, 18

There is not enough grief to cover or compensate the loss of life and giftedness no longer dwelling in our midst with the passing of these young people. We must also pause to acknowledge many others who never made the headlines.  Not to pathologize LGBTQI youth, however, one queer youth choosing to take their life instead of live their life is one too many. 

Wear Purple Wednesday has gone viral. "It Get's Better" videos have overrun YouTube with hope. Other consciousness raising and passive activism initiatives have been launched on a grassroots level. Yet, I am compelled to command more from the adult queer community to SHOW queer young people, and all young people, that they are more than okay, they are perfect manifestations of lovable, able, capable human beings. It is time that we COME OUT, LIVE OUT, and BE OUT in our families, communities, jobs, churches, and government. I believe that it is the all pervasive oppression of shame, fear and silence which undermines a message of hope. Hope is best lived, not lipped.

COME OUT to save a young person's life.
What better time to mobilize in numbers and by name to come out from wherever we are closeted?  To whomever we have feared? For whatever reason negotiating survival trumped thriving as out and pr9ud?

LIVE OUT to save a young person's life.
Introduce your "friend" with the most accurate and highest endearing name which best describes your relationship.  If over 30, retire the ambiguous "girl/boyfriend."  If living together or loving together more than two years (give or take the stars in the sky and in your eyes aligning), tell the truth, you are not just "roommates" or "BFFs". 

BE OUT to save a young person's life.
If Gay Pride Parades are your thing, definitely not mine as are also not any kind of parade watching, parade on main streets in feathers or leathers. More than anything, normalize your life and your love. If you have to think about not appearing to be LGBTOI / Queer, it is in that moment that you must push past your fear, shame, negotiation for survival to BE instead of not be your authentic self.

Yes, there are a plethora of gay youth and suicide prevention programs. Still, I believe that to dismantle this burden of hopelessness we will have to come out one by one, albeit en masse, so that young people see us, really see us whole and bold; no longer cowering in the corners and trembling on the fringe. Hope cannot be programmed, hope must be practiced!

Come out! Live out! Be out! to save a young person's life. 

* is committed to survival and wholeness of entire people, male and female.

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