16 October 2010

Thank You Note to an Ally

In this week's Washington Posts, ON FAITH, Dr. Valerie Elverton Dixon, Founder of Just Peace Theory . com writes this insightfully moving Ally Affirmation of Queer personhood. 

God's overflowing love and the heterosexual obligation


When receiving gifts, Mama told me to write thank you notes. And so...

Valerie, I receive your offering. My gratitude is reflective from both personal and political discourse -- if even there would be a demarcation.

Thank you for being ally; however, I refer to you as sister. Anyone who clearly advocates for my being for the sake of wholeness of the human community is more than friend -- I call you sister.

I call you sister because our sameness is with each breath and monthliness. 

I call you sister because grits and beans are our comfort foods.

I call you sister because you accept me vertically and verbose; and respect me when I am horizontally reposed with my lover.

I call you sister because in this street fight you hold my earrings and vaseline but dont mind losing yours when fighting alone gets the best of me.

I call you sister because you call on our common Ally in Creator and Christ, Jesus and Justice, Holy Work of Holy Spirit.

I call you sister because we came out the Womb giggling and holding hands; and now facing the Tomb giving so much and holding each other.

I call you sister for not being afraid -- not of me, but of yourself and your sexuality. 

I call you sister for understanding that you need me as much as I need you. 

I call you sister for believing for me and calling others to believe likewise on my behalf that when God created me/Me God still says, "She's good."

In Womanlove and Peace from the inside out...

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