21 October 2010

Giving God Thanks and Praise : Aiyisha's Father's Love

Family, just catching up with myself and wanted to pass along this article on Aiyisha's suicide.  Giving God thanks and praise that her father, a PCUSA Pastor, comes out loud and strong about his love of his daughter and declaration against homophobia and heterosexism. 

Aiyisha Hassan
Pray for me that I know the next and best way to reach out to Aiyisha's parents (and grandparents and aunts and cousins who are members of my home congregation).  Since I am staying the course with the PCUSA church, I vowed to call Aiyisha's full name before preaching.  I kept my preaching appointment this past Sunday and called for a moment of silence in her memory.  

What next? I will to be her voice until we meet again.

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