12 October 2010

By Hand and Voice I Declare...

... that Aiyisha Hassan did not die in vain. I dedicated this voice of mine and calling of God to make safe the way for LGBTQI-Allies youth in particular, all people, generally. 

 Aiyisha Hassan: 19 Years Old -Suicide In Southern CA 

When I can see better and my tears slow down I will be more eloquent. For now, know that Aiyisha's life will not be disregarded.  My call demands I speak through my pain. I must believe for Aiyisha's family, church family, and myself that in the midst of this hurt God is redemptive. But for tonight, I simply feel and cry and grieve and sigh, for Aiyisha.

Services for
Services in Los Angeles will be on
Wednesday, October 13, at 10am,
at Westminster Presbyterian Church,
2230 W. Jefferson Blvd @ 3rd Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90018.
We are also planning a memorial service in the Bay Area on Saturday, Oct 16th, location to be announced. We ask that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to your church’s scholarship fund for those attending college. We are very grateful for the prayers, calls, visits, and other expressions of sympathy.

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