12 October 2010

“Blessed to be Born this Way” | a sermon on John 9:1-12

This Sunday: October 17, 2010:  11a

-- Hope You will Meet Me Here --

West Hollywood Presbyterian Church
Rev. Dan Smith, Pastor
7350 Sunset Blvd. at Martel St.
(between LaBrea and Fairfax)
Los Angeles, CA   90046

Life’s Lessons:
"Blessed to Be Born This Way"
Being differently-abled does not mean one is disabled
in the Kingdom of God and Community of Faith!

This Sunday we welcome the Rev. Raedorah Stewart as our preacher and worship leader!  Raedorah is the first “out” African- American lesbian Candidate for Ministry in our Presbytery – and probably in the whole Presbyterian Church!  She is a powerhouse of a  preacher!

Jesus’ disciples encountered a person who was blind from birth.  They asked “Was it this individual’s sin that caused the blindness, or that of the parents?”  Jesus answered, “It wasn’t anyone’s sin - not this person’s, nor the parents’.  It was to let God’s works shine forth in this person.” --John 9:1-12

"A Hand"
by Alice “Tina” Hawkins a Graduate of Gallaudet College* © 2006

There’s beauty in the way a hand
Can carve a word in air,
There’s beauty in the way a hand
Can give lift to a prayer,
There’s beauty in the way a hand
Can trace a song in space,
There’s beauty in the way a hand
Can light a deaf child’s face.
Though, we can’t hear the spoken word
Or leaves rustling on a tree,
We can hear the beauty
of a word that we can see.
There’s beauty in the way a hand
Can make the things you say
Seem soft as rain, hard as stone,
And clear and bright as day.
The spoken word can’t do these things,
But words in signs can be
More vivid and more meaningful,
For they’re something we can see.

*(Gallaudet College is a nationally recognized college
for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing.)

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